Tonight’s the first of the year
I can see the moon shine so clear
Though still partially hidden in clouds
Its beam comes through fresh and loud

I can see it from my room
Shining over the neighbors shed
Sometimes it casts shadows
Of trees across my bed

Of course, those shadows only come
In the beautiful summer nights
When there is nothing blocking its brilliance
When it is ever so clean and bright

Often times I find myself
Unable to stay awake
When I’m looking up at the moon
When I’m wondering at its make

God made the moon, of that there’s no doubt
But the question is why and how
No one knows how God does anything
But as to why, I think I know now

He made it to shine, countering the sun
He made it to gleam and glow
He made it soften the night’s opaque darkness
He made it so His light would show
Even in the dark.


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