Interurban Myth

Rain drips down, down, down
Off the eves and down my nose
Fingers clenching in tighter
In the pockets of my coat

Bus brakes hiss to a stop
Probably for the millionth time that day
The city tries to be green and clean
But the exhaust still seems to stay

Point A, point B, back to A again
Classes, work, working class
Spaces between for meals and sleep
Papers and assignments amass

I step back from my schedule
Take my life off the calendar
Who am I after work is done?
Where are the moments of splendor?

Routine, routine, routine is mean
To my social desires at heart
I have few friends because I make no time
Can someone show me how to restart?

Because my life is but a vapor
So I want people to spend it with
To have people say “I know that girl”
To no longer be an interurban myth


It’s All Good.

Hey. Long time no write.

So in the last three weeks, I have had a cold, the flu, sprained my ribcage coughing my lungs out, and am now currently dealing with what seems to be an allergic reaction to an unknown allergen. Probably pollen, but not quite sure. To be fair, I did wear my contacts yesterday after having not worn them for a while, but they were a fresh set and I had no trouble taking them out last night, so I honestly don’t know if that was part of what is causing the allergic reaction in my eye. If you’re interested in that part, I’ll keep you posted on how things progress, but this post isn’t just about what’s happening to me. It’s about how I am choosing to respond.

Most people go through a time like this, with stress from work, school, life, whatever, and think to themselves, “Wow. This sucks. How will I get through this?” And honestly, I get it. To interrupt your routine with illness, injury, unforeseen costs of both money and time, hours lost at work, and to continue to try to run your life smoothly, is not easy. It is not easy to be a full time student with high personal expectations for yourself, along with a pretty demanding part-time job and a wedding to plan. But as I am discovering, it doesn’t have to be all that hard either.

Today I was texting my mom. I was experiencing symptoms of what seemed to be an allergic reaction that I was not familiar with, and to be honest, I was freaking out a little bit. She responded with her sage advice of antihistamines, a warm compressant and essential oils to diffuse, as well as letting me know she was praying for me. That’s when it hit me. All my life, I have been told that God has a plan for my life, that I would do great things for God. I also was told that Satan doesn’t want that to happen, that he will do anything in his power to stop people from doing God’s will. Basic Sunday school, right? Well, what I realized today, and hopefully I don’t sound too “religious” saying this, but God must be getting ready to use me for something, because these things that I have been dealing with have popped up out of nowhere. Of course, I do not say this lightly; there are a million precautions I could have taken to not get sick (ie not being near the person who passed it to me), and had I not gotten sick, I would not have coughed so hard I sprained my rib cage. I also could have chosen not to wear the contacts, but even then there is no guarantee that I would not somehow get something in my eye. The point is, God must have something good for me up ahead if Satan is doing his darnedest to keep me inside, out of class, away from work, and (quite literally) unable to see clearly what’s going on.

From this standpoint, I am choosing to do my best to take care of myself physically, but I also am choosing to have faith that something good is coming. ¬†God has always had His hand on my life, and for the first time in a while I can almost feel it. And with that feeling, it’s all good.

Well, thanks for reading. Hopefully I won’t go so long without writing again!


Today I Have Been Productive…

…and it’s not even noon yet. Today I just have one class, which starts in about an hour and a half, and then work from 5-9. Gotta love short shifts, eh? Anyway, since I have gotten up this morning, I have made coffee, ordered more coffee pods (Nespresso for the win, amiright?), set up a chiropractor appointment, and refilled a prescription that I kept putting off. There’s no feeling quite like having all your ducks in a row before stepping out your door, and honestly, mornings like this are rare for me. Usually I’m stumbling out of bed with literally two minutes to pull on some pants and throw a tee shirt on, grab my backpack and attempt to make a 10 minute cross-campus walk to class happen in 3 (I usually lose that race). I think it’s the sunshine I keep waking up to at like 8:30 in the morning. Something about it just makes it so much easier to roll my butt out of bed and actually try and look like an attractive person before leaving my apartment.

Anyway, I just felt like sharing my morning with whoever reads this. Though my sense of accomplishment is starting to wane, because as I am writing this, I realize I am still in my pajamas, the bananas on the counter need to be made into bread, and coffee is all I’ve had this morning. Oh well. Onwards and upwards. And maybe in clothes rather than pajamas.


So I meant to post on here a little sooner. But unfortunately I’ve been both sick and too busy to sit down and write cohesively. But here we are. My post for this week.

This last week I started classes again for spring quarter. I am currently taking classes in marketing, cultural communication, and media law. So far classes have been good, though there is an abundance of projects that I am sure I’ll procrastinate at some point, but I suppose I’ll try to think positively to start. Colton was also home this week, on his spring break. We tried to spend as much time together as possible, though it proved to be somewhat difficult for lack of cars and because I was both in school and working again. But we still got to see each other, and we also got to see Bring Me the Horizon, Beartooth, and Underoath in concert the night before he left to go back for his spring quarter. The concert was fun, though I was pretty miserable with my congestion and coughing that I dealt with all weekend. Even as I am sitting here typing, I am running a 100.2 temperature and have not been out of the house in a couple days. Hopefully this clears up quick, because I have much more important things to do besides lay on a couch with a box of tissues. 

Anyway, that’s the latest on what’s happening with me. A whole lot of nothing so far except being sick and going to concerts. My future entries might be more entertaining, but I figured I should write something for today anyway. 

Onwards and upwards,