Interurban Myth

Rain drips down, down, down
Off the eves and down my nose
Fingers clenching in tighter
In the pockets of my coat

Bus brakes hiss to a stop
Probably for the millionth time that day
The city tries to be green and clean
But the exhaust still seems to stay

Point A, point B, back to A again
Classes, work, working class
Spaces between for meals and sleep
Papers and assignments amass

I step back from my schedule
Take my life off the calendar
Who am I after work is done?
Where are the moments of splendor?

Routine, routine, routine is mean
To my social desires at heart
I have few friends because I make no time
Can someone show me how to restart?

Because my life is but a vapor
So I want people to spend it with
To have people say “I know that girl”
To no longer be an interurban myth


One thought on “Interurban Myth

  1. I do! I do! I know this beautiful young woman with the greatest smile, and most tender heart! She’s the one who will always hold a very special place in my heart. She’s had to stay focused on school and work, putting other things on hold for now, but one day it will all pay off. She’s destined for success because she’s blessed, and I’m the most blessed to call her my granddaughter!

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