Hot Soup

Long time no update. My bad.

I am currently sitting at the kitchen counter of my on-campus apartment, eating a bowl of hot soup. Chicken corn chowder to be exact, so not a light broth by any means. It also is about 76 degrees outside and sunny. So why am I eating hot soup on a hot day, you may be wondering. Honestly, I don’t have an answer for you except that I’m feeling a little upside down.

For anyone out there that doesn’t know, I am engaged to the love of my life, Colton. He asked me to marry him on Christmas morning, and ever since then the questions and planning haven’t stopped. I am also a third year student at Seattle Pacific University, with senior standing according to my credits. This means that if I push myself hard enough, I can be finished with my bachelor’s degree in communications and minor in business by the end of winter quarter this coming year. I also work as a product specialist at Apple, which means that I work with many different people, having to be flexible to accommodate their needs. I need patience and humility in order to function in my job, as well as technical knowledge and social skills. I also have the opportunity to grow at Apple, which I am excited to take advantage of soon. I am also in the process of moving back home, which because my brother Zac is in Australia, Colton is in eastern Washington, and my dad will be out of town on my official “move out” day, I have decided to move myself home bit by bit. So far I have brought home my clothes, my shoes, and my bathroom items. The rest of my belongings are still here at my apartment.

For anyone wondering about the wedding planning, it’s well…going. We are currently trying to nail down our venue, but so far have had no luck with the places we like having our date open, and in all honesty, I’ve ¬†been so busy that I’ve only been to see a couple places in person. We also still need to decide on an officiant and on a few other things, as well as ask our wedding party (bridesmaids and groomsmen) to participate in our ceremony. I would specifically like to ask for prayers for God’s grace in finding a good venue that has our date open as well as good amenities and such. So far we’ve been striking out the most in this area, and as time is ticking down, I am getting more and more frustrated with the process.

School is going good, and if all goes according to plan, I will be finished here by the end of winter quarter 2018. That being said, I am about to take on the most strenuous credit count I’ve had my entire college career. I honestly don’t know how other people take more than 15 credits in one quarter and work and have a social life. Maybe they have magic powers I can’t see. But that is the reality I am facing as I am trying to finish my senior year early, so prayers are much appreciated there as well.

I am excited to move home, but again, it has been a process. Living with roommates in an on-campus apartment has been an…experience. I certainly believe that I have grown through this experience, and while commuting for my last quarters of school will be fairly time consuming and gas-money consuming, I am excited to be home with my family for one last year before Colton and I get married. I am excited to actually have him home from school while I finish, which is something we haven’t had since high school. I am excited to move forward and grow even more.

To sum my life up at this moment, I am engaged and wedding planning, working, in school, and moving. And yes, I am also procrastinating. I have a paper due by the end of this week that sorely needs my attention, but as the weather gets warmer and my days get busier, I forget what the word attention even means. So I feel a little upside down, and every time I sit down to map out my schedule, I only end up rotating myself in circles, ending up upside down again and again. I suppose one of these days a venue will call me back with good news, or maybe I’ll have another day off in the near future where I can relax, but until then, this is where I’m at. I’m eating hot soup on a hot day, and hoping for things to cool down a little.