Things I Actually Learned This Year: Freshman Year (2014-15)

(Note: I am moving this here from a previous post on my old blog so you can see my older installments as well as this year’s! Enjoy!)

I was not the first to post something like this (shoutout to Colton​ for the idea), but I am wrapping up my first year of college here in the next week or so. So, here are some things I have learned on this adventure called COLLEGE.

Being social is a choice. And sometimes, it’s the right one.

I thought that living in a dorm would automatically raise my level of social interaction. Turns out I can tune out the world just as well as before in my dorm room. And while I haven’t exactly been a social butterfly this year, I can see where my conscious choice to be social has helped in the area of making friends. And hey, you never know who you might meet.

Having immediate family nearby is both a blessing and a curse.

Perks: free food, better showers, free laundry, company all the time, and a TV that actually works. Less exciting things: no personal space, being relatively out of the loop, getting in arguments, being the driver for trips to the airport, and no excuse to “miss” less desirable family get-togethers (no offense if any of you see this).

Making macaroni and cheese at 10:30pm is perfectly acceptable.

Especially after a long, stressful day. Or if that one chick just WOULD NOT GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN.

Don’t be afraid to blast your music. Everyone else does it.

While everyone else might think your music is strange, annoying or whatever, you think theirs is just as annoying. Therefore, you have no reason not to follow suit with your awesome tunes.

Don’t jump to conclusions if something goes missing.

Chances are, you just misplaced it. But if it is larger than a pair of spandex shorts and/or more expensive, or if multiple things go missing at once, definitely say something.

Make sure you know where your classrooms are located before the first day of class.

This will make it much less awkward to find later and you have less of a chance of accidentally ending up in the wrong class.

Try not to slack on your reading homework.

Yes, it’s tedious. Yes, part of it may not be entirely necessary. But better be safe than sorry and prepared for exams than unprepared.

Don’t forget to find time to relax and unwind amid a busy schedule.

Headaches will be avoided, and you might discover a new hobby.

Don’t take everything at face value. Ask questions.

Not everything your profs say is the golden truth by any stretch. Ask questions if you don’t understand, and don’t be afraid to say that you don’t agree. You never know what kind of conversation is to follow.

Be sure to keep up with friends, old and new.

Don’t forget to text and call, and when it comes to a long distance relationship, don’t lose hope, and don’t let the inevitable frustration get to you. If you truly love who you’re with, distance won’t matter.



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